Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

This book is amazing and wonderful and composed of so many beautiful elements.
Alwyn Hamilton takes a romance, a desert, a couple of guns, and mixes it all together! This book is in first person from Amani's  perspective.
Amani is exceptionally skilled at shooting a gun, because she grew up in a place where they have a weapons factory. She longs to get out of Dustwalk, and she tries to. Multiple times. She's great at deceit and trickery, capturing the heart of Jin, a foreigner. Amani is one of my favorite characters ever, because she is clever, sassy, and actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times.
This book is different from many other young adult fantasy books because the main character, Amani, actually makes mistakes (gasps and shudders). The character development is evident, and yet subtle. It's also difference because Amani actually saves her own skin and risks others, knowing fully what she is doing. She's not some self-sacrificing girl, she actually cares about herself and wants to survive. Another thing that sets this apart from other books is that she's not magically skilled. She actually tries, and fails the first couple of times.
The plot isn't the fastest, but it gets faster near the end, with exciting conflicts for Amani to tackle.
The setting is mainly in the desert, and the imagery is wonderful. This book is nerve-wracking. This is the type of book that you eagerly turn the next page, but you want to slow down and savor every last detail.
Do I like, love, or hate this book? Well, I love it! I would give it five stars. This is definitely for people who like a middle-eastern~ Wild West~ sort of feel.

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