About This Blog
Hi! I already know that there's a little blurb/bio in the sidebar, but I wanted to include a more thorough description of my blog.
So I'm a reader. I'm also a reviewer (Really..?). I decided to start blogging because, well, I've always really loved reading, and I realized that I was obsessed with young adult. So I started scouring the internet for suggestions and recommendations of more young adult books. And then I found out the term "book blogger". And so I would read tons of other book blogs, and then I decided to create my own.

About Me
And now prepare yourself for the topic of... ME! Are you excited? Are you? (SPOILER: You are.)
I'm Julianna and I bet you didn't know this: I like to read. (Yes, I am an extremely in depth person with many sides and I am willing to fight you.)

I am very, very, very opinionated and I can fight. Just make sure you bring your outlines, thesis, and supporting reasons before we do. I do notice grammar, so if you see any grammar mistakes, tell me and I will try to sterilize the surrounding area and place my article under quarantine.

I am in love with ice cream (cookies and cream flavored, to be exact), and cake (cheesecake). I get most of my books from the library (I'm sorry I can't provide you with that many aesthetic photos, it just doesn't look that good with the plastic wrap.) because I have -$8. (Also, I live in the United States, but I have started to become rather peckish for maple syrup ever since November 8. Hmm, I wonder why?)

What I Blog About
I like to read fantasy, dystopian, and young adult romance/contemporary books. Is that too specific?
I don't like cliche books, but I love retellings, and books that have a LOT of folklore/mythology/fairy tales in them. I also enjoy reading thriller and mystery, but I'm scared easily, so that's a problem..

As well as reviews, I blog about literature in general. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog, and if not, then that's fine as well.
Thank you for reading this. (Even though it's three paragraphs.)

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