Monday, May 16, 2016

The Rose and The Dagger by Renee Ahdieh

This book is awesome. Well, all books are awesome. 

This book is beautiful with it's stunning romance and intricate magic. This time, it's more action rather than romance, but it's a beautiful, in third person and switching perspectives between Sharzad and other characters. 
Sharzad and Khalid are lovers, and they are separated because of the storm that was caused by Jahandar. Sharzad is testing her magic along while Jahandar is plotting an evil plan. 
This book introduces new characters and lets you get to know Sharzad's sister more. It also introduces a new romance, with it's tantalizing secrets. You really get to know the relationships between the characters and how they feel about all these events. 
Shahrzad is extremely clever and talented, but she has to learn some new tricks. She is loyal, but lies within a web of deception (which sometimes annoyed me). Sadly, she has to lie to keep her secrets and to protect her friends. Tariq is still in love with her (which is persistent and sweet but hopeless), but her love is still for Khalid. 
You really get to know Irsa and Tariq more. Tariq is a very innocent person hopelessly in love, and he would go to war for Sharzad (which he did). Irsa is extremely sweet and she is also smart with helping others. She's surprisingly wise, and yet Shahrzad treats her like a baby until she realizes that Irsa has grown up. Irsa is one of my favorite characters, being so kind and so generous to others. 
This setting is mainly in the desert, where instead of finding yourself in a courtyard drinking wine, you'll find yourself in the sand dunes with a scarf wrapped around your face.

Did I love this book? Did I hate this book? I liked this one. I wouldn't give it five stars, but four and a half. This included less romance than the first book, sadly, but it was still beautifully portrayed. I recommend this for those who have read the first book and love enticing mysteries where secrets don't always lie on the surface.

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