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Hi! If you're a publisher or an author looking for reviews, you have come to the right place!
If you're a reader that wants me to review a certain book, you send me a message here.

If you want a review, please contact me by either my email or a contact form.
Also, please check out my review policy below.

Review Policy

I accept copies of books for review.

If it's an electronic copy, it must be either in ePub format or PDF format.

If it's a physical copy, you must request a review by email.

I prefer physical copies over electronic copies, and they are higher on my priority than electronic copies.

If I review a requested book by an author or publisher, it will be disclosed in the review.

After I'm done with a review copy, I will either pass it on to friends/family or keep it in my personal collection.

I prefer to read young adult in general, including fantasy and contemporary.

If you send me a review copy, it is not guaranteed that I will review it.

I will put my honest opinion of the book in my review.

If I am not interested, I will reply to inform you.

I also review on my Goodreads account here.

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